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Welcome to Deveo Global, your reliable source for premium-quality black pepper exports. As one of India’s leading black pepper exporters, we are committed to providing our global clients with high-grade, pesticide-free, and ethically sourced black pepper. Our extensive experience and dedication have earned us a reputation as a trusted supplier to various industries worldwide.


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Black Pepper Exporters in India

India has a long-standing history of spice trade, and black pepper is often called the “King of Spices.” Grown primarily in the southern states of India, like Kerala, Karnataka, and Tamil Nadu, the climate here is well-suited for black pepper cultivation. We at Deveo Global stand proud as a significant part of this grand export tradition. Our state-of-the-art facilities and strict quality control measures ensure you get the best.

Why Choose Us?

Quality Assurance: Detailed quality inspections are performed on all our black pepper.


Ethical Sourcing: Our black pepper is sourced directly from local farmers, ensuring fair trade practices.


Global Reach: We have an extensive supply chain and can deliver to multiple countries.


Largest Exporter of Black Pepper

India is one of the largest exporters of black pepper, owing to its unparalleled quality and aroma. However, the export market is highly competitive. What sets Deveo Global apart is our focus on customer satisfaction, timely delivery, and commitment to quality. We source the finest black pepper, rich in essential oils and flavors, to efficiently meet global demand.


World's Largest Exporter of Black Pepper

India proudly holds the distinguished position of being the world’s largest exporter of black pepper. With its rich heritage and commitment to excellence, India has consistently dominated the global black pepper market, ensuring a steady supply of this prized spice to countries worldwide. The quality, aroma, and flavor of Indian black pepper are renowned, making it a preferred choice for discerning consumers and culinary experts alike. India’s dedication to upholding its reputation as the foremost exporter of black pepper remains unwavering, making it a key player in the global spice industry.



For a spice that adds flavor and numerous health benefits, choose Deveo Global, the name you can trust for the best black pepper exports from India.


Health Benefits

In addition to its delicious flavor, black pepper has numerous health benefits. It is a rich source of antioxidants, which help protect the body against damage from free radicals. It is also believed to have anti-inflammatory properties, and may help reduce inflammation in the body. Other potential benefits of black pepper include:


1. Improved digestion: Black pepper may help stimulate the production of digestive enzymes, which can aid in the digestion of food.


2. Respiratory relief: The piperine in black pepper may help relieve respiratory symptoms such as congestion and coughing.


3. Pain relief: Some studies have found that black pepper may help reduce pain, including headaches and muscle aches.


Nutritional Values

Here are the nutritional values of 1 teaspoon (2 grams) of black pepper: Black pepper is low in calories but high in flavor, making it a great addition to a healthy diet. It also contains small amounts of several important minerals and vitamins, including vitamin K, manganese, and iron.

Nutrient Amount
Calories 6
Carbohydrates 1.4 g
Fiber 0.5 g
Protein 0.2 g
Fat 0.1 g
Vitamin K 5% DV
Manganese 3% DV
Iron 2% DV
Copper 2% DV
Calcium 1% DV
Magnesium 1% DV
Phosphorus 1% DV
Potassium 1% DV
Zinc 1% DV

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