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Indian spices are a key component in Indian cooking because of their unique flavours, seductive fragrances, and superb textures. Hence, there has been a substantial increase in the export of Indian spices, which has allowed them to share their rich cultural heritage with the entire globe. Many enterprises in India produce and export these distinctive spices, and Deveo Global stands out as one of the top businesses in this industry.


Indian spices are reliably exported by Deveo Global, a company known for its food sector knowledge. We can locate the finest customers for your spice products thanks to the relationships we have built through our broad network of contacts worldwide. We can enable their shipment to any continent, whether you need whole spices or Indian masala. Customer satisfaction is our top priority at Deveo Global, and our responsible and transparent practices guarantee a seamless experience.


Our head office, which is in Jaipur, is home to a group of skilled executives that diligently research the market to give you the most recent information. Go no further if you’re looking for reliable Indian spice exporters and producers in India. Deveo Global is here to meet your demands and spread the flavour of Indian spices across the globe.



A spice having a warm, earthy flavor and a beautiful yellow color. Together with curries and stir-fries, it is a common ingredient in Indian cuisine. In addition to its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant qualities, turmeric provides several health advantages.

Fennel seeds

A spice that tastes sweet, licorice-like, and faintly anise-like. They are utilized in Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, and Indian cuisines. Additionally, fennel seeds are used to make tea and confections.

Star anise

A star-shaped spice that tastes toasty, licorice-like, and has a touch of sweetness. Thai, Vietnamese, and Chinese cuisine all use it. Additionally, liqueurs and baking both use star anise.


A spice that is powerful and aromatic and tastes sulfurous. It enhances the flavor and helps to avoid gas in Indian food. Chinese medicine also makes use of asafoetida.

Red chili

A spicy, peppery pepper with a fruity flavor. Indian, Thai, and Mexican cuisines all use it. Red chilies are used to make both salsa and hot sauce.

Fenugreek leaves

A mildly sweet spice with a harsh, grassy flavor. Indian cuisine, particularly curries, uses them. Fenugreek leaves are also used to make pickles and tea.

Bay leaf

A big, flat leaf that tastes powerfully flavorful. Soups, stews, and curries all employ it as a flavoring. Additionally, bay leaves are used to make tea and potpourri.


A mildly spicy spice that is sweet and aromatic. Scandinavian, Middle Eastern, and Indian cuisines all employ it. Additionally, cardamom is utilized in tea and pastries.

Mustard seeds

A spicy, peppery seasoning with a faint nuttiness. They are utilized in Southeast Asian, Chinese, and Indian cuisines. Chutneys and pickles both employ mustard seeds as an ingredient.


A mildly woody spice that is warm and pleasant. It is common in many international cuisines, including Middle Eastern, Indian, and Chinese. Additionally, sweets and baking both need cinnamon.


A flavorful spice that is hot, peppery, and slightly sweet. It is common in many international cuisines, including Indian, Chinese, and Japanese. In addition to cooking and baking, ginger is used in both.

Black pepper

A spicy, peppery seasoning with a faintly fruity taste. Indian, Chinese, and Italian cuisines are just a few of the cuisines that employ them. Additionally, meats are pickled and cured with black pepper.


A spice having a robust, spicy flavor and a touch of sweetness. Indian, Chinese, and Italian cuisines are just a few of the cuisines that employ them. Additionally, pickles and meat curing both need garlic.


A spice having a warm, earthy flavor and a faintly bitter aftertaste. Indian, Middle Eastern, and North African cuisines all use it. Additionally, sausage is made with cumin, as is chili powder.

Coriander seeds

Coriander seeds

A flavorful toasty, nutty spice with a hint of lemon. They are utilized in Middle Eastern, Southeast Asian, and Indian cuisines. Chutneys and pickled foods both contain coriander seeds.


A powerful, sweet spice with a tad of bitterness at the finish. Caribbean, Mexican, and Indian cuisine all employ cloves. Additionally, they are employed in baking and potpourri creation.

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