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India, renowned for its rich tapestry of spices, proudly exports cumin, an essential flavoring agent in global cuisines. At Deveo Global Pvt. Ltd., we stand as stalwart cumin exporters dedicated to delivering this aromatic gem to discerning customers worldwide.


Why Choose Cumin Export from India?

India’s climate and soil conditions create the perfect environment for cultivating top-grade cumin seeds. When you opt for cumin export from India, you’re embracing a product of exceptional flavor and aroma from a land steeped in spice heritage.

Our Role as Cumin Exporters in India

With a robust supply network and a reputation for reliability, we take pride in being among the foremost cumin exporters in India. Our farms employ sustainable practices, ensuring that our cumin seeds meet stringent international standards for quality and purity.

Cumin Exports: Meeting Global Demand

As the global appetite for cumin grows, we meet the escalating demand. Leveraging our expertise as leading cumin exporters, we cater to the needs of the culinary industry, ensuring a consistent supply of premium cumin seeds. For top-quality cumin exports and seeds from India, choose Deveo Global Pvt. Ltd. Contact us for more information on importing premium cumin from India.

Health Benefits

Cumin is packed with a variety of nutrients and has been associated with many health benefits, including:


1. Improving digestion: Cumin contains compounds that may help stimulate the production of digestive enzymes and reduce inflammation in the digestive tract.


2. Fighting inflammation: Cumin contains anti-inflammatory compounds that may help reduce inflammation in the body and protect against chronic diseases.


3. Boosting immunity: Cumin is a good source of vitamin C, which plays an important role in immune function.


4. Regulating blood sugar: Cumin may help regulate blood sugar levels by improving insulin sensitivity.


5. Supporting weight loss: Cumin has been shown to help reduce body weight and body fat in some studies.

Nutritional Values

nutritional values of cumin seeds per 100 grams

Nutrient Amount
Calories 375
Carbohydrates 44.24 g
Protein 17.81 g
Fat 22.27 g
Fiber 10.5 g
Sugar 2.25 g

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